6’6 Big Bueno Fish #8679 Cheap

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6’6 Big Bueno Fish #8679

The Big Bueno Fish, also known as a BBF, offers the added foam and paddling of an egg; along with the fluid maneuverability of a quad. 

This board has a touch more rocker than our typical fishes, which makes it incredibly loose and responsiveFeels like a big board up front, but turns like a smaller board in the back.

Best For: Surfers who are looking for the paddle power of a Midlength, but the responsiveness something much shorter.  The Quad Fin Setup paired with the swallow tail make this board slide smoothly through turns; a pleasure to surf at point breaks & beach breaks alike.

Stock Dimensions: 6’6 by 21 3/4 by 2.75 | 43.7 L

  • Green Tint 
  • Single Stringer + Glue Lines
  • Gloss & Polish Finish
  • Future Quad Boxes
  • Fins Included