9’6 Surf Thump #7392 Supply

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9’6 Surf Thump #7392

The Surf Thump offers you versatile handling without sacrificing the paddling and gliding benefits that makes us all love longboards in the first place.  

The Surf Thump will feel noticeably more lively than the Lumberjack, and easier to maneuver because of the thumb-shaped tail.  If you surf a variety of spots and breaks, this board might just be your new best friend.

Best For:  Beachbreaks & point breaks alike; a versatile longboard that handles punchy surf and variable conditions especially well.

Stock Dimensions: 9’2” by 22 5/8″ by 3″ | 74.0 L

  • Tan Tint Deck
  • Wine Red Tint Bottom 
  • Single Stringer
  • Sanded-Gloss Finish
  • Single Fin Box
  • Fin Included