9’8 Walks on Water #8624 Online Hot Sale

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9’8 Walks on Water #8624

The Walks on Water is the longboard we have cooked up with Andy Nieblas over the years.  It’s a bulked-up log, designed for very active footwork.  Andy likes the fuller rails, that are less-likely to bury, when he is pushing the board hard through turns.  The wide square tail provides adequate stability for extended noseriding. If you want to see some rad footage of Andy riding his, check out this clip.

Best For: Experienced loggers or surfers who prefer more volume, and aren’t afraid of a little extra foam.  Stability & wave count are this boards specialty.

Stock Dimensions:  9’8” by  23 1/4″ by 3.12″ 

  • Gold Tint
  • T-Band Stringer + Glue Lines
  • Sanded-Gloss Finish
  • Singlefin Box
  • Fin Included