Almond’s Guide to Noseriders & Longboards For Sale


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Almond’s Guide to Noseriders & Longboards

Completely revised and expanded.

This is our Guide to Noseriders and Longboards where we share tips for improving your technique as well as some general principles for selecting your equipment.

Whether you’re an experienced surfer looking to diversify your equipment or a novice surfer wading into the lineup for the first time, our resounding advice is: the best time to start surfing a longboard is yesterday.

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Special Thanks To:
Joel Owen, Dooley Design Co., Jeffrey Allee, Thomas H. Green, Cameron Oden, Griffin Neumann-Kyle, Andy Nieblas, Nathan Adams, Kameron Brown, Jack Martin, Aaron Cervantes, Jake Zylstra, and the entire staff at Almond Surf Shop.