Almond’s Guide to Your First Year of Surfing Supply


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Almond’s Guide to Your First Year of Surfing


Interested in really learning how to surf?

This is our new guide for beginners and novices, to get you started off on the right foot.

Learning to surf by becoming a student of the art of wave riding.

Our lengthiest guide yet… everything we could think of to equip the novice surfer and fast-track your progress.

Chapters Include:

  • Surfing 101
  • Learn How to Watch Surfing
  • Basic Equipment
  • Surf Etiquette
  • Catching Your First Real Wave
  • Building Up Your Paddling Strength
  • Fit Surfing Into Your Weekly Routine

Prefer a printed copy?
We now have a paperback edition available. Get your printed copy here.

Special Thanks To:
Joel Owen, Dooley Design Co., Jeffrey Allee, Thomas H. Green, Cameron Oden, Griffin Neumann-Kyle, Andy Nieblas, Nathan Adams, Alex Swanson, Drew Meseck, and the entire staff at Almond Surf Shop.