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Dad’s Guide to Surfboards PDF

Helping all the Dads in the lineup…

A really great surf session requires a whole slew of variables to cooperate—tide, wind, swell, crowds, and your personal schedule.

If you can count the time since your last great surf in years—instead of the usual weeks—maybe it’s time to stack the deck in your favor.

You’ve been noticing that your trusty 5’9 x 19.25” doesn’t float you the same way it used to before the mortgage and the kids. You know you would benefit from a little more foam—but on your own terms. I’m here to tell you that in the 2020’s there are plenty of ways to up your wave-count

If you feel like your shortboard has been avoiding retirement like Brett Favre, here are a few prospects to anchor your surfboard quiver as you adapt to the changing needs of your surfing career.

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