Finlette Semi-Finless Setup for R-Series Hot on Sale

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Finlette Semi-Finless Setup for R-Series

Run these 1.76″ tall finlettes in the rear boxes of your R-Series Secret Menu for a semi-finless, and all around great time!

The idea behind running these little finlettes is that it’s a way of making a board that was intended to have fins in it behave more like a finless board.

I try to keep a fairly tight quiver, so being able to switch back and forth between a proper Quad fin setup and this finlette option basically gives me the advantage of two completely different boards in one.

Pair this fin setup with your favorite R-Series board, for the most fun you could hope to have in the water this year.

We also included the 3/4″ deep box-fillers for your front boxes.  This will help eliminate any interruption in flow that the empty boxes may cause.

Fin Dimensions:
Area: 4.85″
Height: 1.76″
Base: 3.76″
Foil: SYMM 

Finlette | Semi-Finless Surfing on the R-Series from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.