Free Downloadable Longboard Surfboard Template Sale


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Free Downloadable Longboard Surfboard Template

Curious to try your hand at shaping a DIY surfboard?

We are giving you a downloadable PDF template for a DIY Longboard, to get you headed-off in the right direction.

This longboard outline features a great beach-break noserider, with a slightly pulled-in tail block for the right blend of stability and maneuverability. 

Download the attached 24″ x 120″ .pdf and print out your full-size template.  There are curves on here for 2″ intervals, ranging from 9’0 to 9’10.

Simply add to cart and check out… no charge.

Hot tip for printing:
Take it to your local FedEx and they usually have a black & white roll printer that can print it full-scale.  It’s inexpensive and quick.

For personal use only.

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