The ‘First Year Surfer’ Bundle Hot on Sale

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The ‘First Year Surfer’ Bundle

The primary goal of anyone starting out is to find a surfboard that will enable them to catch waves with confidence, get to their feet regularly, and feel “in control” of the board beneath their feet.  

We firmly believe our 8’0 R-Series Joy is the best board for the novice surfer looking to improve.  

The Joy will provide plenty of float and paddling power, while also not overwhelming you with too much board. 


  • 8’0 R-Series Joy Surfboard
  • 8″ Single Fin
  • 8′ Leash
  • 8′ Board Bag
  • A copy of Almond’s Guide to Your First Year of Surfing

As Your Surfing Progresses:
This board will progress with you, as you improve your skill.  Unlike many “beginner” boards, this one will it will remain a reliable “go-to” in your quiver no matter how advanced you get.

The Construction:
Our R-Series boards are made in the USA 
🇺🇸 from a durable, closed-cell foam. Read more about the R-Series construction: R-Series Care & Repair Guide

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