The ‘Land-Locked Surfer’ Bundle Online

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The ‘Land-Locked Surfer’ Bundle

The further you live from the nearest breaking wave, the more versatile your equipment should be.

There are a lot of variables between you and your next rideable wave, so a versatile board (that is easy to travel with) is your top priority. 

Whether you choose to travel to get to the coast, visit a man-made wave, or surf the wake of a boat, the 6’4 R-Series Pleasant Pheasant gets our vote.

The 6’4 PHEZ offers the versatility you need for handling a wide ranges of waves, wakes and surf parks that you may encounter.  It puts a generous amount of foam under your chest, for paddling.  


  • 6’4″ R-Series Pleasant Pheasant
  • 7″ Thermotech Single Fin
  • 7′ SYMPL Leash
  • 7′ Stay Covered Board Bag

Easy to Travel With:
Our R-Series boards are made in the USA 
🇺🇸 from a durable, closed-cell foam. Read more about the R-Series construction: R-Series Care & Repair Guide

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