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The Logistic

The Logistic model draws a heavy influence from the tried-and-true Lumberjack (and it’s mid-60’s influences) but features a few design enhancements, to give it slightly more performance, for those days when you want to push your longboarding a bit. 

Early & Often from Almond Surfboards on Vimeo.

We pulled the nose to give it more control on the tip and the ability to negotiate those critical sections. To compliment this we added a touch more nose rocker to improve on the board’s ability to navigate punchier waves. We also added a very slight step deck in the nose to cut down on the swing weight (for better turning).  And a little more tail rocker than the traditional Lumberjack.

All of this equates to a noserider that locks in the pocket, and performs exceptionally well in decent surf.


  • 9’0 and 10’0 long
  • 17.75″ nose
  • 16″ tail


  • 9’2”   22 7/8  by 3″
  • 9’4”   23        by 3″
  • 9’6”   23 1/8  by 3.06″
  • 9’8”   23 1/4  by 3.12″
  • 10’    23 1/2   by 3.27″

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