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The Secret Menu Model

The Secret Menu is about as much fun as you’re likely to have on a surfboard.  It packs a lot of volume, so it can be ridden very short, but the wide tail is fantastic for speed-generating, even in smaller surf. 

Because of the added foam under your chest, it catches waves early and often.  Think of it as the longboarder’s favorite small-board. 

Due to the popularity and versatility of the Secret Menu model, we chose this model to be the first installment of the R-Series recyclable foamie surfboard.


The Secret Menu is ideally suited for 2 to 4 foot playful days, but this board has been proven in big barrels in Bali and Newport—under the most capable of feet.


  • 4’10 and 5’6 long


  • 5’0” 20 by 2. ‪7/16 | 28.9L
  • 5’2” 20 1/8 by 2 1/2 | 30.1L
  • 5’4” ‪20-3/8 by 2 ‪9/16 | 32.0L‬
  • 5’6” ‪20-1/4 by 2.49 | 34.6L‬

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